Here is a list of the currently support social networks and their corresponding short codes. If you can't find a network you're looking for, drop us a line and let us know. Be sure to include the networks web address and a short code suggestion.
  • AIM (aim)
  • Badoo (ba, badoo)
  • Bebo (be, bebo)
  • BlackPlanet (blackplanet, bp)
  • Blog (blog, weblog)
  • Cafemom (cafemom, cm)
  • Corkd (co, corkd)
  • Facebook (facebook, fb)
  • Flickr (fl, flickr)
  • Fotolog (fo, fotolog)
  • FriendFeed (ff, friendfeed)
  • Friendster (fr, friendster)
  • Fubar (bar, fubar)
  • hi5 (hi5)
  • LinkedIn (in, li, linkedin)
  • LiveJournal (livejournal, lj)
  • MySpace (ms, myspace)
  • Netlog (netlog, nl)
  • Orkut (or, orkut)
  • Skype (skype)
  • Twitter (tw, twitter)
  • Viddler (vi, viddler)
  • Webshots (webshots)
  • Yelp (yelp, yp)
  • YouTube (youtube, yt)
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